Motorcycle maintenance at 71078km

Starting a new way of documenting the maintenance of my motorcycle.

Well she has now clocked 71078kms on odometer and today I got the engine oil changed to Sprinta 4T 2000 and also got the tappets adjusted, brake light (front one) and clutch leaver switch changed. Also got the air filter cleaned and con set adjusted.

Today I also got the spot lamp removed, since I had only used it on couple of trips and the switch had started catching rust. So decided to remove it and reduce the deadweight.

Now I need to get the rear suspension changed (over 4 year old now) as it has become quite soft these days, which I guess is in part due to the heavy and extra-large Metro Continental Fighter tyre (no other options at that time), which I had gotten fitted last year and something which I am planning to get changed next month or so.

Apart from this, the bike is running decently.


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