Twittering and Blogging

Today I have similar number of blog posts on this blog as tweets on my Twitter account and I am sure that by tonight, my twitter account would leave my blog behind.

Although to be fair, quite a few of these tweets are made up of notifications which occur when I make a post on my blogs or favorite a video on YouTube, however it still represent a huge shift in the way I have been sharing things online, since the blog posts on this blog have been posted in a little over four years and my twitter account is less than a year old and it has only been in the last 7-8 months or so, that I have started twittering a little more frequently!

While I believe that Twitter has helped me immensely in staying connected with my friends and acquaintances and share things online. I still believe that Twitter is no replacement for a blog and works as an extension to a blog in maintaining your web presence, by letting you share snippets and even videos, which you might otherwise not post on your blog.

Add to that, often it is tough to make a blog post while traveling and at least for me, this is where twitter comes along. Because it is faster and easier to access than the backend of my blog and I have to type in less due to the 140 character limit (although I really wish it was somewhere around 200-250) and with Google integrating Twitter into more and more of its services (YouTube, Buzz etc.), it is driving up my and I guess yours, Twitter usage.

While I am still not sure, whether or not twitter will be able to survive for years to come (with no revenue stream, it survives only on VC funds and investors), at the moment it isn’t enough of a deterrent for me to stop or lower its usage and I can only hope that it is finally bought by Google, who might be able to keep it running in a long term and all my effort in keeping my brands alive on Twitter, wouldn’t go down in drain.


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