A Young Chipmunk

Yesterday morning I was just sitting in my room when I noticed something on top of our front gate, it was a chipmunk and a pretty small one at that.

I grabbed my camera and went outside and thankfully it was still there; wet and slightly scared, yet all set to explore the world on his own. Managed to capture a couple of photographs of his, before he got scared and ran away (I used the flash).

Here is the first one, little chipmunk hiding behind the spikes of our door.

chipmunk hiding

Here is the second one where he came a little out and I used the flash as the background was little too bright and camera wasn’t properly exposing the little chipmunk.

little chipmunk

I didn’t post this yesterday because I had decided to take couple of days break from work after working for almost each and every day for past 4 years (barring the days while on trip I do not have internet access). Although I didn’t do anything much expect have fun in the past couple of days, I did ended up strategizing a little (I guess I am addicted to my work).

But now I am back and have a small backlog to clear.


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