Weekends are for those who have jobs!

Every week I see majority of my friends and family get all worked up about the approaching weekend, so that they can catch up on some much needed sleep, do some shopping, go out and have some fun.

While for entrepreneurs like me, in particular those who run websites, weekends are about the busiest working days/nights of the week.

While others are busy enjoying the weekend to the fullest, people like me are burning up the midnight oil, tweaking their websites and servers, implementing new designs, features, launching new sites or just performing regular maintenance.


Because traffic during the weekends is usually the slowest in the week, which means if you mess something up (which happens more often than we like to admit), not many people get to see/experience it and for a vast majority, things go on as intended.

So while I feel somewhat sad and envy, seeing my friends plan for parties while I plan for server maintenance, it is soon Monday, when they go to office and I head to cafe coffee day!


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  1. Abhinav Sonkar May 30, 2010

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