Road khul gaya kya?

Today I called up Kargil Tourist Officer to check the status of road to Zanskar and while I got a prompt reply from the officer in question, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and others like him.

After all I hate it when I am doing something and people barge in and ask how is everything going, how much of it has been finished and how long it would take me to finish it completely.

Yet travel enthusiasts like me have been constantly calling, emailing and even personally approaching not only the BRO officials entrusted with opening of Manali – Leh highway and other places in Ladakh, but just about anyone who is in that region or on some official post.

Add to that, weather isn’t really making their job any easier and with long line of vehicles already waiting behind their dozers, I guess it must be a nerve wracking time for those involved and I can not help but feel blessed for not having to do their job and deal with that sort of stress.


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