5 Tips for Web Directory Owners

Here are a 5 top tips for Web Directory Owners, which I have managed to compile by either learning from mistakes I have made while running my Free Travel Directory or have witnessed other directory owners commit, over and over again.

Alright then, let’s get right to them:

Don’t make dozens of categories
: Let’s face it; unless you are the size of Dmoz or similarly large web directories, there is no need to have dozens and dozens of categories, especially in the beginning. This not only makes your directory look empty and makes it annoying for a webmaster to submit his site; it also means that the link juice benefit becomes very little, by the time it reaches listed websites. Which let’s face it, majority of website owners aren’t going to like. So make sure to start with few but nicely descriptive categories to make yours and other’s job easier.

Only approve quality and relevant links
: This is one aspect I just cannot stress enough and is I feel the most crucial factor, which separates good directories from spammy ones. By only approving quality and relevant websites in your directory, you not only ensure that you stay on the good side of search engines, but are also perceived as a quality directory by perspective link submitters and more importantly, featured link buyers.

Approve links on a regular basis
: Thanks to the omnipresent spammers, running a directory can turn out to be quite a headache if you aren’t regularly logging in and approving/disapproving links. In fact if your directory is decently popular, chances are, that after a few weeks, there will be well over a thousand links siting in queue and you would be literally pulling off your hair, trying to sort the mess.

Make frequent offsite backups: One of the most important aspects of running any type of website is ensuring that you have off site backup of the site, to ensure business continuity in case of server crash. Running a web directory is no different and it is always best to keep frequent backups of it.

Start a niche directory: Well it is kind of a tip for the about to be directory owners, but what the hell. Starting a niche directory is any day better than starting a general directory, because you are not only able to ensure you are considered more relevant by search engines and users, but also by those who are looking to buy featured links. Plus it helps you stay focused and you can better spot quality websites, if you only have to deal with a single niche instead of hundreds.

While these tips are pretty basic and only scratch the surface of the recipe needed to run a successful and quality directory, they do go a long way in ensuring, that you at least stay on course and are heading in the right direction.


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