Is Government losing its right to rule?

For past 54 days, an Indian state (Manipur) has been held hostage (news) by a handful of people and the Indian Government has been unable/unwilling to do anything about it.

This mind you is the same government, which has at its disposal, the largest paramilitary force in the world, 2nd largest army in the world, 4th largest air force and 7th largest navy! Yet it is unable to ensure that its citizens can live without fear of being held hostage by a few, who resort to taking law into their own hands, to impose their agenda on the masses!

By failing to ensure adequate supply of essential and basic items, Indian Government is ensuring that people’s belief in the government (which isn’t all that much to begin with), diminishes completely and is replaced with a state of anger and helplessness.

After all, what good is a government if it cannot ensure that we get food on our platter, if it cannot ensure our safety, is unwilling to impose law of the land and is just a mute spectator to all the suffering?

In fact by being all this, it is actually fulfilling the objective of those, who are all too eager to plunge India into civil war and are running parallel governments, within India, to demonstrate the helplessness or rather, apathy of Indian Government, towards its own decay and failing!


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