Day 4 of Udaipur travelogue

Today I have posted the day 4 of my Udaipur travelogue, in which Bhuwan and I go to Udaipur’s Vintage and Classic Car Museum, owned and run by the maharanas of Udaipur and located at Garden Hotel.

For automobile and photography enthusiasts like us, it was quite a treat and something which we enjoyed quite a bit, even though there is a somewhat steep entry ticket of Rs. 150 per person to see the museum, but believe me, it is totally worth it.

Even though everything was just perfect, one thing I missed sorely was the wide angle lens, as my camera was limited to 35mm and you really need a 28mm or wider lens to properly capture these vintage beauties, parked in their individual garages, which are only open when tourists arrive in front of them, in order to protect them from dirt and other elements.

Here is a photograph of one such beauty, 1924, Rolls Royce 20hp Tourer

 Rolls Royce 20 hp tourer 1924

You can view 15 more like her, at Day 4: Udaipur Vintage and Classic Car Museum at Garden Hotel.


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