Udaipur travelogue completed

Finally I have managed to complete the Udaipur Travelogue, though it took me a lot of time to complete due to quite a few distractions in the last couple of weeks, but it is eventually done.

Udaipur trip was a quite a bit different from any of my earlier trips, as the main attraction of the trip was meeting and socializing with fellow BCMTians from various states with just about the only common thing being passion for travel and BCMTouring.

And it was quite a sight to see that those who had only known each other virtually could get along so well and enjoyed the experience as long lost friends!

Of course Udaipur had been chosen not only due to the fact that it was almost similar distance from Delhi and Mumbai, but also due to beauty that Udaipur is renowned for and thankfully, none of us were even a slightest bit disappointed!

You can check out the travelogue and photographs from Udaipur by clicking here.


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