Rice saved my phone!

Last night after a lengthy phone call was over, my primary mobile phone (Nokia 1650) started flashing the primary display randomly (it is set for power saver mode). When it repeatedly happened for a few times, I knew that my sweat had likely gone in to the phone and was causing this problem (this is what happens when you talk outside the home in humid weather of Delhi).

nokia 1650 mobile phoneSo I switched it off immediately and opened up keypad etc. to clean it the best I could. The only problem was, when I put it back together, it just wouldn’t startup!

This would be the second mobile phone which had died on me like this, while last time it had meant a loss of over 17,000 rupees (Sony Ericsson K700i), this time the loss would have been less than 2k. But the real bummer was, I would have to buy a new mobile phone and I wasn’t enthused about that thought (satisfied with my current mobile phones).

Then I remembered that uncooked rice is supposedly a good method of drying electronic equipment and take the moisture out of them. So I disassembled my mobile phone again (didn’t take out any screws, just user serviceable parts) and placed it in a packet of rice and let it stay there till around 15 minutes back.

When I finally got my mobile phone out of the rice and assembled it, it booted up on the first try and is seems to be working perfectly now!

So the day belongs to the rice and I am happy to be a regular rice eater :D.


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