How to make Test Cricket more interesting!

Right now I am sitting at my home, watching, well kind of watching the test match between India and Sri Lanka and I cannot help but feel that there is much that can be done to make this traditional form of cricket more happening and enjoyable for the cricket fans.

The idea that came to my mind is simple enough; let each side have 22 players. 11 of these players would be pure batsmen and wouldn’t come on field during the fielding stage, while the other 11 players can be a good mixture of bowlers and fielders, who wouldn’t bat.

This way, we will see 11 pure batsmen facing 11 pure ballers/fielders and that would hopefully ensure that there is enough action on the field on all 5 days to keep the viewer’s actually interested for such a long time and make test matches much more interesting than what they are at the moment.


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