Proud to be an Indian

It has sort of become a tradition in India to look back on all the bad things going around us and talk about them, on the eve and day of India’s Independence and Republic Day.

However today, I have something greatly positive look at and couldn’t help feeling proud to be an Indian, where despite all the bad things, people still come together to help their countrymen, who are in need.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about a small charity meet which was held yesterday in Delhi, to collect funds and relief material for the flood victims of Ladakh.

While it was planned and organized by us at BCMTouring on quite a short notice (plan was posted at noon on the 12th and the meet was scheduled for the 14th at 8:30AM), the response we received from members as well as non-members was tremendous!

Within two and a half hours, we had collected over 60 blankets, a lot of cloths and Rs. 1.4 lakhs in cash donation (hundred and forty thousand rupees)! And the story didn’t end there!

A lot of members also willingly volunteered to help pack everything up, while Harsh and Aarti, opened up the door to their office and changed their plans to not only help us get everything organized, but also chipped in with the effort and later, ensured that everything was sent through the truck, which arrived post-midnight!

The packing and getting the logistics in place took the better part of the day and majority could only leave by 5:30pm, after everything was set.

And just as they left, Doc Pushpinder arrived and prepared the final list of medicines to be purchased (he had been coordinating with various suppliers, throughout the day).

While the relief work still isn’t over and neither is our pledge to help people of Ladakh, coupe with tragedy of such magnitude, today I feel proud to be an Indian, knowing that there are still people in our great nation, who open up their hearts, wallets and efforts for their fellow countrymen in need.

While I would like to thank everyone involved, a special thanks to Salil, Amit and Swati, Harsh and Aarti, Avinash, Pankaj, Shivanshu, Doc. Pushpinder, Veeru and Dinkar, who made all this possible.

Photographs from the meet, link 1, link 2 and link 3.

Jai Hind


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