But who fines the government?

With the onset of monsoon season, mosquito population in India goes up drastically and so do diseases spread by them.

With this in mind, the government of India and Delhi runs a drive, in which a government servant visits people’s home and checks desert coolers and water tanks for signs of mosquito larvae and if found, issues warnings and/or fines.

While this is fine and even though government expects us to put petrol or kerosene in the water every “couple of days” and dry off our coolers in the span of couple of hours’ worth of sunshine in a week full of rain. It does nothing to clear up the storm water drains or even put pesticides in them, even though, every evening one can see hundreds of mosquitos, taking their flying lessons on top of them!

So my question really is, who has the authority to fine the government or the government departments, which is responsible for these drains and various parks etc. where water is collecting and not only a bad stench has formed, but also hundreds and thousands of mosquitos, who finally land up in our homes?

Shouldn’t an independent body be formed to check these and fine government departments and if this cannot be the case, then does the government has any moral right to issue warning and fines to citizens, especially when it is only the ground floor citizens, who are made to go through these checks, while the unattended desert coolers on the above floors become a breeding ground of mosquitos?

Or maybe it is our government’s way of telling us to upgrade to air conditioners and chuck out the desert coolers, which use only a fraction of energy?


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