Wiredtree dedicated server review

It’s been almost 6 months, since I first started using dedicated server with Wiredtree and I guess a review is long overdue.

One of the reasons why I hadn’t posted a review earlier was due to the fact that since there was minimal effort required from my side in managing the server and barring a few minor hiccups, there weren’t any issues and their service for all practical reasons, remained invisible to me. Which is a good thing, especially considering the fact that all this while, they have been continuously taking care of the server, services and updates!

Initially when I needed to get the server setup and working in the way that I wanted, Wiredtree techs responded in a timely and as usual courteous manner (I earlier had their VPS service) and managed to resolve the issues at hand, to my satisfaction.

Also, whenever there was to be scheduled maintenance work for the network, I was informed well in advance.

Just about the only thing I do not like about Wiredtree is the fact that they do not have customer forum, something which was present at all my earlier hosts and provided their customers not only a platform to interact with each other, but also with the upper management. Apart from this shortcoming and the fact that they do not sell Litespeed webserver’s single core license (not that I plan to buy it right now), there isn’t anything that I can think of, at the moment.

Which is a major problem with reviews like these, there isn’t much you can write in them and thus end up with a sweet yet short review.


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