What is the fuss over outsourcing?

Every time elections are due in US, a huge uproar emerges (especially from democrats) about outsourcing and in particular, outsourcing to India.

As an Indian living and running his business in India, I outsource a ton of my work to companies based in US, employing Americans. Be it hosting and managing the servers to Ad sales to buying software licenses from American firms and much-much more. Each year I spend lakhs of rupees on this outsourcing activity, without even blinking an eye lid and I am sure, same is the case with other business owners in India as well.

Then why is it, Americans, with their much higher standard of living and much less jobless rate than India and other developing economies, fear so much about outsourcing of services, when they themselves reap the benefits and are proud of their companies, which run businesses in other countries?

Why do they dread talking to an Indian tech support person over a toll free line, regarding an Internet connection, which costs them less than two meals at McDonald?

Why is it that they do not think twice about buying a computer, 95% parts of which were manufactured in China, yet fret about Indians helping them out, when they put their computer monitor in dish washer or when they unplug phone line from modem and it does not dials?

Why is it that their government tries to lobby for its defence companies to get defence contracts from Indian Government and then decides to act against outsourcing of clerical work to India?

Why is it that they feel it is right to talk about globalization, as long it is their companies reaping the benefits and then turn their back to it, once some one talks about huge farmer subsidies in US or loosening of work related visas and requirements for companies to receive work from US?

Why do they feel, it is their right to exploit world’s resources, yet no one else deserves to receive even a shred of work from US?



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