GOI, hell bent on hitting its own foot with an Axe!

With the talk of a special relief package for Kashmir being worked out by the government and at the same time, separatists and protestors in the valley, going to the extent of burning down government buildings and properties, I cannot help but feel that the Government of India is hell bent on striking its own foot with an Axe!

After all, by rewarding the violent protestors in Kashmir, what exactly is the government hoping to achieve?

Are our politicians, naïve enough to think, that by giving a taste of success to a rampaging mob, they can achieve peace in the valley or tone down the level of protests?

Answer to all these questions is a resounding NO! and is apparent to anyone with even slightest bit of intellect and commonsense.

After all, it would be considered as a reward for those, who are out there on the street, attacking the very symbols and officials of India and by rewarding such characters, we will only end up strengthening their resolve and support base. Since people on the ground will view this as a victory of violence, against which the Government of India and indeed the whole of India had to bow down and offer conciliatory gestures.

While I am in no way against engaging the people of Kashmir and trying to resolve their grievances, because they are after all, citizens of India and thus our brothers and sisters. I am completely against rewarding those, who resort to violence in an attempt to arm twist the authorities to give in to their demand, irrespective how justifiable they might be.

It is time our government and leaders understand this fact as well and start treating these situations with firmness and resolve they deserve and at the same time, stop hunkering down in front of these antinational elements, supported and funded by Pakistan.

Though that might just be wishful thinking, till the time we have those in power, who were born in Pakistan and thus seem to have a soft spot for an enemy, hell bent on destroying the lives of Indians!


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  1. Aditya September 13, 2010
  2. Yogesh Sarkar September 13, 2010

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