And then I ran out of steam!

By the end of last week, I had quite a few blogposts planned for the upcoming week i.e. this one. I even went to the length of writing couple of them, even before the weekend was over and hoped that I would be publishing blogposts each day, for the entire length of this week.

However, then I ran out of steam and thanks to a few issues at home, couldn’t even get down to focus and develop the ideas, which were so vividly conceptualized in my mind, before the end of last week and eventually ended up posting nothing on the blog yesterday!

This isn’t the first time that something like has happened to me and this has prompted me to come to a conclusion, that it is much better to act on the ideas and give them shape, when they come to one’s mind, since one has much more zeal and inclination to work on them right away than at a later stage, especially if you are lazy like me and do not have anyone standing on top of your head, to get things done!

So even though idea for this blogpost came to my mind at 11:15pm IST on Wednesday and I would be publishing it tomorrow, I decided to write it right away, before I once again run out of steam and this idea too, just becomes a distant memory in my everyday life!


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