Using WordPress Scheduling to advantage

One of my favorite features of WordPress is the scheduling feature, which at times I utilize to my advantage and something I would be discussing in this blogpost today, so that you too would be able to use it to full affect.

WordPress provides its users the ability to not only publish blogposts right away, but also set them up to be published at a future date and time. This feature really comes in handy, when you have come up with multiple ideas/blogposts and do not want to publish them on the same date or within the same hour. Because let’s face it, a new blogpost each day makes your blog look much more active than half a dozen blogposts in an hour, followed by a complete silence for rest of the week!

Add to that, you can also use the scheduling feature to ensure that your blogposts are published at a certain time of the day, keeping in mind the demography/geography of your audience. For instance, since my blog is majorly about India and attracts majority of its audience from India, I schedule my blogposts to be publish early in the morning eg. 8:30-9:30AM IST.

That way, users are greeted by a new blogpost, when they turn up for work or switch on their computers, after finishing their chores and I do not have to be awake and working at that time (great for a late riser like me).

Of course this isn’t meant for blogposts which are related to current affairs or breaking news, as you would ideally want to publish them right away, to ensure they remain relevant to the constantly developing situation. Which is why, WordPress Scheduling Feature works really well, only for posts which are evergreen.

edit-option Ok enough talk about the philosophy and greatness of WordPress Scheduling, let me show you, how to get it working in your blog.

Once you have composed your blogpost, look at the right hand corner and locate line which says, “Publish immediately”. In front of it, there will be a link which says, “Edit” (you can see that in right hand side image).

Click on the Edit link and you will be presented with more options to schedule your blogpost, like in the image below. (Click to enlarge).


Here you can easily edit, not only time, date and month, but also the year on which the blogpost ought to be made (and as you can see above, this blogpost was written yesterday :D). Chose the appropriate time and date and click on ok.

Now the publish button would automatically change to schedule and you can schedule your blogpost to be published at the desired time.

One thing to keep in mind is that the scheduling feature would work on time, based on the time zone you have chosen in your blog’s setting. For instance, if you have set your blog to run at US Central Time and you schedule your blog post to be published at 5AM, it would be published at 5AM Central Time i.e. 3:30PM Indian Standard Time. So make sure to check, whether or not your blog’s time zone is correctly setup, by going into General Settings of your blog.


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