At the Court of The-Fish-Eyed-Goddess

After reading The Age of Kali and City of Djinns, I have kind of become a fan of William Dalrymple’s writing,

So I decided to read his third book on India, At the Court of The-Fish-Eyed-Goddess and boy was it a big mistake! Not because the book is boring or anything like that, but due to the fact that essentially, At the Court of The-Fish-Eyed-Goddess and The Age of Kali are one book, published under two different names!

at-the-court-of-the-fish-eyed-goddess Yes that’s right, both the books are same and contain the same chapters and about the only difference I could make out was the fact that in At the Court of The-Fish-Eyed-Goddess, the chapters on Pakistan are given at the beginning, while in The Age of Kali, these chapters are given towards the end!

And this is due to the fact that the At the Court of The-Fish-Eyed-Goddess has been written specifically for the Indian Audience (according to the author), while The Age of Kali bears no such significance.

Thankfully I never bought any books and was ordering them through the online library I am a member of (more about it here), hence the only loss I suffered was that I got a book, which I wouldn’t be reading (well I did read around 50 pages, hoping against hope to find something different).

So if you too have read either of the books and were planning to read the other one, please do not make the same mistake as me!


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