Return of weight training

After a gap of couple of years, I have finally decided to start weight training again and regain the muscles and strength I had lost over time and also lose the weight I had gained during the same time!

While I wouldn’t be joining a gym just yet, thankfully all my earlier weight training equipment (weights, barbell and adjustable dumbbells) are still in good state and were all too glad to see the light of day! 😛

Since I am returning to weight training after quite bit of time, I will be taking it slow initially and performing only basic exercises that too couple of times a week. Of course this would change overtime, as my body acclimatizes to weight training.

So here is the list of exercises I have started doing and I am performing three sets each of these:

1. Dumbbell bench press (Chest)
2. Bent over dumbbell row (Upper back)
3. Standing dumbbell shoulder press (shoulders)
4. Front lateral raise (shoulders)
5. Dumbbell shrugs (traps)
6. Standing bent over one arm dumbbell triceps extension (triceps)
7. Dumbbell alternate bicep curl (biceps)
8. Alternate hammer curl (biceps)
9. Dumbbell wrist curls (forearms)
10. Crunches (abs)
11. Dumbbell side bends (abs)
12. Squats (legs)
13. Calf raise with dumbbells (calf)
14. Stiff leg barbell good morning (lower back)

Now I know the list looks a tad too long for a beginner’s exercise routine, but it didn’t take more than an hour to perform and I wasn’t too tired after the workout either, so I guess I will go ahead with this routine and see how it goes, before including more exercises and sets into the regime.


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