Apple does something right!

Earlier in the day, I read “Yep, Apple Killed the CD today” on TechCrunch, announcing that Apple has started shipping a USB drive loaded with software, along with their netbook (Macbook Air), instead of shipping a software restoration CD/DVD.

Now this step make quite a bit of sense, especially when you consider the fact that almost none of the netbooks have optical drives (including my Asus EeePC 901HA) and yet they come with software restoration disks, which are all but useless, unless one is ready to shell out extra money for external optical drive or use another computer to rip the DVD onto a pen drive!

Now I understand that USB drives cost way more than a mass produced DVD, but isn’t this cost (<3% of the cost of a typical netbook) justified for a crucial thing like software restoration? If yes, then why hasn’t other companies woken up and decided to implement this earlier? Whatever the reason maybe, kudos to Apple for finally waking up and setting a precedent, which would hopefully be copied by other computer manufacturers as well and we will finally start seeing USB pen drives being shipped along with netbooks.


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