Motorcycle maintenance at 72221kms

Finally my bike got some much needed TLC and repairing today, in particular the right side horn has been changed, as the original one had developed a fault and was stopping even the left side horn from functioning.

Result was that I was using my motorcycle without horn for past few months (life has been a complete mess during this time, thus no time to get bike fixed) and while I kind of proved to myself, that one can indeed ride in the crazy traffic of Delhi, without a horn; there were times, when I badly missed it. So I am glad, that is back working properly, even though I had to pay Rs. 250 for the new one.

Apart from the horn, I also got the air filter cleaned, chain and con set adjusted and carb tuned. Also the fuse contacts were thoroughly cleaned, since it had only received cleaning 6-7 years ago and wasn’t letting the battery get charged properly.

Now I need to get the oil changed, which couldn’t be done today, because the shop where the 20w50 engine oil is available, was closed! So I will have to go to the mechanic, tomorrow as well.


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