DSLR lenses and accessories I wish to buy!

Unlike point and shoot cameras, buying a DSLR is just a start of your actual buying spree, which can at the end of the day, end up costing you more than the DSLR itself!

Which is what I believe is going to happen to me (Finally bought a DSLR), sooner rather than later and since my friends always end up buying what I plan to buy in future, I thought of just putting up this list, which contains the list of DSLR lenses and other accessories, I plan to add to my collection overtime. At least this way, I wouldn’t perceived as copying other’s footsteps :D.

As you will notice in the list below, in a few instances, there are multiple lenses covering similar focal length and the reason for that is quite simple; at least one of those lens is a high priced one, which means I may not be able to purchase it initially, but intend to do it, at some point in future and thus might just end up having multiple lenses for similar focal lengths.

I also intend to add more things to this list at a later stage and would likely be making a dedicated page on my site, so that I and I guess, you, can keep track of what I used to like earlier and what I like now and what all I have been able to actually purchase :P.

So here goes nothing…


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