Photo Walk at Lodhi Garden

On Sunday I went to Lodhi Garden in the morning for a photo walk, where Ashish and Dhairya joined in as well and we had a fantastic time, shooting wide variety of subjects in the roughly 5 hours we spent there.

While I clicked a tons of photographs while at Lodhi Garden, photographs below were the ones which I felt were amongst the best out of the lot, hence I am posting them here.

First off, a photograph of Sheesh Gumbad, one of the many tombs which dot Lodhi Garden.


This is the sort of photographs I normally end up coming back with, while visiting Lodhi Garden for photography, however this time around, highlight of this photo walk were birds, Ducks and Gooses, here are just a few photographs of them, which I manged to capture using my DSLR’s kit lens!




We also ran in to this rather playful German Shepherd and his cooperative owner, who let us photograph this handsome, ball chasing machine! 😀


Of course, capturing reflections was something I really enjoyed this time around.



You can view more photographs from Ashish, Dhairya and of course me and that too in higher resolutions, on BCMTouring.

Overall it was quite a fun and learning experience and this being my first photo walk since I bought my DSLR, was a real special one for me and taught me many a lessons and helped me get familiar with my DSLR.

Needless to say, shooting with a DSLR is much more complicated than shooting with a point and shoot camera, even if you are using manual mode in your little camera and that along with the fact that one has to adjust to seeing through a tiny viewfinder, instead of a large LCD screen, makes things a little bit more complicated, but fun at the same time.

However, this is where strategically placed controls on a DSLR body, come in handy and once you remember, what does what, these buttons make the whole operation, quite fluid and swift.

I would be sharing some of the things I learned during this photo walk, over the coming days and with another photo walk scheduled for next Sunday (28th November), I will have a lot more to share, over the course of next week or so, even though I would be in Delhi.

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