Street Candid from Connaught Place

Another week and another photo walk/meet and this time around, not one, but two venues were chosen! While I will come to the second venue later on, first it is time to share photos and experience of the first venue, Connaught Place.

Each morning, a large but temporary flower market takes place in Connaught Place, in front of the state emporiums and that was the venue of this Sunday’s BCMTouring Photography meet and it turned out to be the right decision and provided us with ample opportunities to get into paparazzi mode :D.

Here are a few candid portraits I managed to take with my kit lens (Canon EF-S 18-55IS) of the flower traders at Connaught Place Flower Market.




Of course the flowers themselves were a sight to behold and photograph as well.



Once we thought we had enough of shooting the flower market (secretly I wanted to hang around there for a little more time and I guess others too) and decided to move to the inner circle to look for more opportunities and some food as well.

En route, Sparsh said something about not being able to capture vehicles with a blurred background and although I gave a vary calm answer that it is pretty easy to do and also told him the settings I felt would be right, I knew in my heart that since I really shot it myself with great success (one not so great attempt), I had to get things right and waited at the red light for passing vehicles. And finally managed to capture these:



Of course these aren’t all that great shots, but I had a sense of satisfaction, that yes I can do what I preach and of course the knowledge as well, that the settings I used on the first try itself, proved just right!

Shooting street candid was both fun and challenging and it kind of felt somewhat like birding, but with all the chaos that a busy market place presents and this factor at times resulted in failed shots and at the same time with new and better opportunities. Good thing was, some people liked getting attention, most simply ignored us and only one demanded money from one of us. So overall it was a nice learning experience for everyone involved and I am sure, benefited all those who attended the photo walk.

I will be sharing a few of learning from the walk in the coming days, till then, check out more photographs from the photo walk at Connaught Place Street Photography.


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