Photographs from National Museum

On last to last Sunday, I visited National Museum in New Delhi with fellow BCMTians, as part of the photography meet/walk we had planned.

Earlier in the morning, we had visited Connaught Place Flower Market and even though we were slightly tired, we were looking forward to visiting the National Museum.

Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. In fact if anything, it was a much more pleasant experience than we had imagined.

Although thanks to photography being the primary objective, we didn’t learn much about our national heritage, but it was fun nonetheless and at least I made the resolve to go back again someday and hire the audio guide to much better understand the heritage of India, on display at the National Museum.






While this is just the tip of the iceberg and you can view many more photographs here, National Museum, New Delhi. It was challenging and at times even frustrating experience, due to lack of light and most of the artifacts being behind a thick wall of glass.

Which is where relatively high ISO (400-800 most of the time) and image stabilization (IS) of my Canon 18-55IS lens came in handy, without which I am sure, I would have been in real trouble and wouldn’t have been able to capture even half of the images that I managed to capture on that day.

Of course one option would have been to use flash, but that would have just taken away the effect of the lighting that museum had and would have likely caused ugly reflection from the glass enclosures.

Of course I also did take the UV filter off for the entire shoot, to ensure that I was able to take advantage of all the existing light, that was available to me.

Overall, it was an entertaining and learning experience and although I felt that a faster lens would have likely helped me, I guess it is only when we have such handicaps, do we learn to really push our skills to the next level and see what we can achieve with the gear we have at our disposal.


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