Dilli Haat at night

On Sunday I went to Dilli Haat in the evening with couple of BCMTians, hoping to capture some decent night shots and also get the feel of how my new camera behaves at night with various types of lighting.

Of course the first thing I came to realize was the fact that with a DSLR, you are at times disadvantage, when compared to a P&S! Because, a P&S can shoot wide open and still get pretty good depth of field, while in case of a DSLR, you have to stop down quite a bit, in order to match that depth of field.

Thankfully, DSLRs have the advantage of being able to produce relatively clean images at even high ISO and that really helps. After all, how many times can one push his P&S to ISO800 and still expect to print decent sized photographs?

Well enough talk, lets me share some pics from the outing.



Of course the real fun and at the same time, challenge was in capturing a Rajasthani Dance performance, which was taking place there and which included a flame throwing kid as well!



Best photograph of the lot was this one, of course it almost did manage to take out my lens, if it hadn’t been for the Hoya UV Filter (more on the later)!


You can view more of these photographs here, Dilli Haat. And I will be in the next couple of days, sharing my experience on why I felt, UV filters are a necessity, even at night!


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