Bird photography at Sultanpur National Park

Since the weather had finally started turning nice, I decided to visit the Sultanpur National Park on Sunday for a bit of bird photography with fellow BCMTians.

Sadly there was quite a bit of fog in the morning and the sun was playing hide and seek for quite a while and that made bird photography all the more difficult. Add this to the fact that most of the birds (barring painted storks and at times Haron and Egrets) were shying away from a crowd which had started to gather (I was quite surprised by the number of people visiting Sultanpur) and initially these were the only shots I could manage to grab.

Painted Stork


Grey Heron





It was only when we moved away from the crowd and sun came out in its full glory, that I could manage to capture couple of smaller birds like this Pied Bushchat Male.


And Red-Wattled Lapwing


And a few more, which I posted here, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Gurgaon, 23 Jan 2011.

Overall it was quite a learning experience and I am hoping to put some of my findings to use tomorrow, when I planning to head out to the Okhla Bird Sanctuary and would surely share them with you, once I am back from the outing.


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