Photographs from Surajkund 2011

For past few weeks, I have been suffering from writer’s block and haven’t made any new post on my blog, even though I have had quite a few things to share. Guess it is now time to fix that, starting with a few of my favorite photographs from Surajkund Handicraft Mela 2011, which I visited on the 6th of February.

Even though I have been visiting Surajkund Mela every year for past few years, this was the first time, I had gone there with my DSLR and it didn’t really disappoint me, so here are a few of the photographs I captured there:

Devotion, a Nihang praying to his weapons, before showcasing his skills


Nihangs showcasing their fighting skills


A devout dressed as God Hanuman


A Manipuri Folk Dancer performing at Surajkund 2011


A performer from Uttar Pradesh, dressed as Radha


While there are a lot more photographs I captured and shared online, posting them here would make this post a bit too heavy for those with slow internet connections. Those who are interested in seeing more such photographs, please visit the Surajkund’s dedicated photo thread on BCMTouring, where a lot more photographers and I have shared photographs from this fun and colorful mela.


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