Photos from 1st Annual Indian Comics Convention

I went to Dilli Haat yesterday evening, to attend 1st Annual Indian Comics Convention being held there, hoping to come across quite a few photography opportunities.

While there were a few photography opportunities, despite poor lighting (thanks mainly to my Canon EF-50mm lens), but overall it wasn’t as great as I was hoping it to be. Of course for the comic fans, there were plenty of comics there and for a moment, I too was tempted to pick one up.

Any ways, here are few photographs I captured there:




Sadly the best photograph of the day (at least as per me) was that of a regular sketch artist at Dill Haat, busy at work:


I guess I might have been able to capture slightly better images, had I gone there in the morning, when all the dressed up comic characters would have been happily posing. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be and even though Comic Con is still going today, I am just too busy to go there again.


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