An evening at India Gate

Yesterday evening I got a call from Salil, asking whether I was interested in photographing India Gate at night. Well I had been thinking of going to India Gate for past couple of weeks, so I jumped at this opportunity and decided to meet him at India Gate.

Thanks to motorcycle and taking a somewhat longer route, I managed to reach India Gate in a jiffy, while poor Salil was stuck with his car in a jam and missed out on photographing India Gate, against this lovely sky.


However, he did managed to capture India Gate’s reflection, similar to this one I clicked.


After photographing India Gate from all possible angles, I decided to attach my Canon EF-50mm f1.8 lens, for a bit of low light candid photography, even though lighting was really bad. However, I did managed to capture a few decent shot and here they are.

A soldier guarding the Indian War Memorial aka. India Gate


India Gate through a mobile phone cam


A young hawker with balloons and balls, rapidly zeroing on a target.


The bubble man


Hawkers exchanging their ware


Overall it was a fun and learning experience and even though I forgot to take my tripod and remote release, it was really worth it.


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