Checklist of a Facebook spammer

It seems like almost all the spammers I encounter on Facebook, seem to have a standard operating procedure, which makes me believe that they have a checklist like this:

Checklist of a Facebook spammer

  1. Send friendship requests to unsuspecting Facebook users, who might be remotely interested in the product/website you are spamming for.
  2. If accepted, send friendship requests to all the friends of the victim you have just added.
  3. Build a Facebook Group.
  4. Add all the people you have recently added, to that Facebook Group.
  5. Spam away and count the money, till Facebook shuts you down or people stop clicking, in which case, just create another id!

This always makes me wonder, why does Facebook allows people to add others to group, without first seeking the approval of those who are about to be added to the group?


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