Crazy busy!

For past few weeks, I have been busy like anything. From working on expanding my existing websites to launching a new one (missed deadline thrice!), it just seems like everything is happening at once and I have to deal with each and everything.

Of course that does not entails that I have to hammer away at the keyboard all day long, it just means that a lot of time is spent just thinking, strategizing and then working out the nitty gritties and just when it seems like I am getting closer to a solution, one thing or the other crops up, necessitating change of focus. Adding to the woes is my easy go attitude in life, and everything just seems all the more chaotic.

Of course the plus side is, the drive I get out of all this is something that just can not be explained and has to be experienced to be believed!

So while I keep rest of my plans under wrap for now, checkout the BCMTouring’s North India Ride plan thread, it has already crossed 50 pages and has close to 60 confirmations till now!


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