Back from Shoja, Jalori Pass and Tirthan Valley

Over the last weekend, I went to Shoja, Jalori Pass and Tirthan Valley with a few (62 to be precise) members of BCMTouring. It was a gala meet, where people came in everything from 150cc motorcycles to Mercedes ML350 and some even carpooled with others.

Overall it was a fun meet and although I didn’t get much time to explore this fabulous part of Himachal Pradesh, due to time constraints, I enjoyed the trip thoroughly, mainly due to the company of fellow BCMTians.

Great thing was, my bike completed her 9 years while coming back and apart from slight break oil leakage issue, she did the entire trip effortlessly, including the steep climb up to Shoja.

Here is a group shot of some of the BCMTians at Jalori Pass (few had already left for Serolsar Lake by then and 5 joined in by evening)


Rest of the photographs can be viewed here BCMTouring North India Trip, photographs and my travelogue is coming up nicely here Trip to Shoja, Jalori Pass and Tirthan Valley.

It was also my first trip with my DSLR and I am quite happy with the results I got, especially thanks to Hoya CPL I bought only a couple of days before the trip and only got the chance to use it, during the trip!


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