I hate grease monkeys!

After the recent trip to Shoja, my bike had been laying around dirty and today I finally decided to get her washed from a nearby mechanic shop.

I know, I know, that I was the one who had written a blog post not too long ago, titled Why you shouldn’t get your motorcycle washed in a service center, but fact of the matter is, I normally do get her washed from a mechanic shop, after a trip or when she have had to endure long riding hours in rain. Since the muck that gets accumulated in such scenarios, isn’t all that easy to take off.

So like always, I went to the mechanic shop, told them to first change the engine oil and then wash her. While the engine oil change part as well as the washing went on fine (wasn’t impressed by the cleaning ability of the new punter), the bugger decided to wipe his face first with the cloth, before using it to wipe my motorcycle! Not only that, he didn’t even wiped her thoroughly and I was too pissed and disgusted to ask him to do that and just wanted to rush back home!

Now I have a semi-cleaned motorcycle with water and detergent stains and I am impatiently waiting for Amway’s distributor to finally deliver the polished I had shown interest in, over couple of months ago, so that I can properly clean and polish my motorcycle!

But seriously, after today’s incident, I don’t think I would ever be going back to at least that particular shop and would avoid getting the bike washed from outside even more and maybe even invest in a car shampoo to ensure I can do the much needed cleaning at home!


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  1. abhinesh May 10, 2011
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