Prime lens fanatic

Lately, well not really lately, in fact from the moment I have gotten my hands over the Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens, it has become my favorite lens and I find myself reaching for it, again and again.

Which is kind of funny, because it isn’t the lens I use majority of the time (that would be the Canon EF-S 18-55 f3.5-5.6 IS), nor is it the lens which I need to turn to, when the reach of my 18-55 lens ends (that part is reserved for the Canon 55-250IS lens).

canon ef 50mm f.8 lens Yet, I find myself more and more inclined to turn to the nifty fifty, not just due to lovely bokeh it produces or due the fact that it works wonderfully in low light situations, but rather due to the way it feels and works.

For starters, it is ridiculously light weight and small, much-much smaller than even the Canon 18-55IS lens and yet its photo quality is a lot superior, whether it comes to contrast, color or sharpness, it simply wipes the floor with the 18-55IS lens!

This coupled with the fact that it just seems to work, irrespective of the situation it is being used in, just makes it all the more pleasurable to use. Take this street candid of a Gol Gappa vendor for instance, while other photogs present along side were busy disturbing people with flash, I could simply shoot wide open, without attracting any attention and still get the shot I wanted!


Of course the down side with prime lenses is, you either need to have enough room to be able to move around for composition or switch to a different one, while a zoom lens will cover various focal lengths with ease.

But then again, if you know how to work around these situations and can predict before hand, which focal length you need, it isn’t a major headache.

In the end, I guess just like it is easy to love and respect non-compromising individuals, it is also easy to fall in love with lenses which take the non-compromising stance towards quality of the images they produce and you really do have to use one yourself, to experience what it is all about. Because no amount of text will suffice to explain the feeling one gets from shooting with these non-compromising lenses.


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