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Yesterday morning (around 11am) I had ordered a Canon MP287 Printer, Scanner, Copier from and since it was my first time ordering stuff from StarCJ, I wasn’t quite sure how it would turn up.

While the transaction went smoothly, by late afternoon, I also received an SMS update that they had shipped the product! Initially I didn’t quite believe that they had indeed shipped the printer, but today morning, I received a call from Gati, asking me whether they can deliver the printer to my home and what do you know, at around 2pm, the printer was delivered!

This means in less than 27 hours, they not only processed and shipped my order, but also delivered it to my place. This is the fastest delivery I have received for any of the products I have purchased online and I have bought things from at least half a dozen if not more, online shopping sites in India!

Icing on the cake was that along with the printer I also received a Logitech Headset, which has an MRP of Rs. 595 and would also be receiving a Giordano watch from Canon, which is supposedly worth Rs. 3850. Not a bad deal, considering that the printer I bought, only set me back by around 3.3k, which is about the cheapest rate I could find online in India.

Overall a really pleasant experience of dealing with StarCJ and I hope to do business with them again, and wish that other online sellers in India, follow their example and improve their turn around time.


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