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One rarely feels the need for something, till the day they use it and then it becomes indispensable. This is so true for the Tapatalk forum plugin and mobile phone app, which I only just installed on BCMTouring Forum couple of months ago.

Since we have had a mobile specific theme for quite a while, I never really thought we needed to signup for a Mobile Phone App, which users will have to pay to install and use! In fact if it wasn’t for multiple requests from the members themselves, I would have never gone for a solution like this, preferring instead to invest in something which required capital from my end and was free for members to use.

However, with vBulletin’s own Mobile Phone App being far from what I wanted for my forum, I decided to go ahead and give Tapatalk a try. Initially only a couple of members were using it on a regular basis, while a few just installed it and used it rarely (what I could tell from looking at stats).

However, over the course of couple of months, things have changed drastically and I see more and more people switching to Tapatalk, which frankly speaking, is light years ahead of our basic mobile theme and looks much better on smartphones, though sadly can not be used on basic GPRS enabled phones like the one I have right now.

Even though I do not have any hard numbers at the moment, since analytic feature on Tapatalk’s website isn’t working for me, but going by the numbers of users I see browsing through this mobile phone app, I guess I made the right decision, by going ahead and installing a plugin, about which I was a little bit hesitant (I don’t really like to use plugins). And seeing that the proliferation of 3G network in India as well as the number of people switching to Android and Wifi capable devices is growing, it is all set to become even more indispensable for us.


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