Winter trip to Ladakh: Flight Booking

Winter trip to Ladakh had been on the agenda for past 5-6 years, but only get confirmed this year, after I finally decided to book flight ticket in a spur of moment, while talking to fellow BCMTian, Bijoy.

While I did get a good rate for the return air ticket to Leh (around Rs. 4800), one of the reasons why I could so easily make up my mind was due to the fact that Jet Airways had tied up with HDFC Bank Credit Card to offer their ticket in 6 interest free EMIs!

This meant that for a little over Rs. 800 a month, I was getting my return air tickets to Leh!

This at least for me was a great offer and I decided to book the ticket then and there. Especially since my trip to Ladakh is in December and that means before I fly out to Leh, I would have already paid out all the installments and I can utilize my hard earned money in the meanwhile to either pay for other essential stuff or invest it in the meanwhile.

Anyways, now I can concentrate on rest of the aspects of my trip and get all the gear easily in place, before my winter trip to Ladakh and in the meanwhile, I will be continuously sharing my preparations here, in order to help others, who too are planning to visit Ladakh in winter.


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