American Doctors condemn photo retouching

American Medical Association has taken a stand against retouching of photographs (read here), especially which alters physical attributes of a model and thus set unrealistic expectation in impressionable children and adolescents.

Now I am not really found of idea of changing the physical attributes of a model so drastically, that it stops reflecting reality. However the statement from American Medical Association stinks of hypocrisy!

I mean, aren’t these the same people who are supposedly the world leader in plastic surgery, especially beauty related?

Doesn’t results of breast enlargement surgery set unreasonable expectation in impressionable children and adolescents?

Isn’t lip, nose and other beauty related surgeries equivalent to photoshopping a body?

Aren’t Botox and other similar and painful wrinkle removal treatments breeding a sense of insecurity and causing anxiety in middle aged and older women and causing them to spend thousands of dollars each year, in a bid to look younger?

Then what right does American Medical Association has, to criticize those who are just editing a photograph, while AMA’s members indulge in actively editing human body?


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