Learning never ends…

As a kid, I never used to take school seriously (I hated going to school) and that reflected in my “stellar” mark sheets and caused my parents to have serious doubt and concern over whether I would ever manage to complete my graduation (which I somehow did).

However, unlike most, my learning did not end with school, collage or even the technical institutes I attended. If anything, it has only accelerated with time, as I try to not only grow my business, but also learn new crafts like photography and writing. This not only involves reading, but also includes practicals and marks in form of success and mental satisfaction.

Great thing about all this is, I actually enjoy learning this way, heck I even enjoy reading history at times (which I hated in school) and most of this is due to the fact that I don’t really have to “memorize” things like a parrot, rather I have to learn, understand and contemplate them. Had this been the case in school, I probably would have ended up being a decent student, if not great.

But then again, schools and colleges in India are busy producing certificates, rather than educated pupils and I am glad that I didn’t end up getting in to the same rat race.

Anyways, getting back to the idea behind this post, even though I still hate schools (I don’t hate technical institutes like NIIT), I don’t hate learning or education anymore and have learned to distinguish between these and thus comes to term and rejoice about the fact that hopefully this learning would never end and I would continue to learn new things every day and hope you do the same.


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