Delhi Administration gone MAD?

It seems like the Delhi Administration has gone completely mad or Delhi is being run by someone sitting in a faraway country with absolutely no clue about the ground realities.

Because no one in their right mind, knowing that it is the height of monsoon season, would order digging up and widening/rebuilding of all the storm drains! And this is exactly what is going on in West Delhi, where I live.

Perfectly alright roads are being dug up and lined with debris from these storm drains, converting two lane roads in to one or completely blocking the usual roads and forcing people to go through colonies and what not to reach their final destination. Situation is even worse for those traveling on foot, as they are left with little choice other than to walk in the muddy and slippery surface to reach bus stands and shops and risk an injury in doing so.

Small byroads are seeing traffic snarls, which are usually confined to busy markets and roads, and all in a bid to do, God knows what!

I mean was the government sleeping for past several months and couldn’t get this done during the winter or summer season or wait till the monsoon season was over?

Why are they hell bent on creating chaos?

Couldn’t they at least order removal of debris from these dug up trenches and place planks for people on foot to cross over, especially when they go ahead and block a frequently used road?

If it wasn’t for the mercy of Weather God, who is taking a pity on the plight of us and not raining down heavily, we would be stuck in our houses, and forced to either slip and get drenched in muddy waters outside or stay at home and do nothing but stare out of the window and pray to the Gods to put some sense in to the brains of those running our city and country!


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  1. rahi August 12, 2011
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