Best of luck to Anna Hazare and Civil Society

Anna Hazare along with the Civil Society is all set to begin his fast until death from tomorrow, to protest against Government’s weak and toothless anti-corruption bill. And although I am not really a fan of Anna Hazare or even this so called movement, I wish them best of luck and hope against hope, that they succeed in their endeavors.

Having said that, I am not particularly hopeful about the effectiveness, intent or even the strength of this movement and neither do I actually support it, mainly due to two factors:

1. I do not believe it commands the numbers, to arm twist the Government in to accepting the Jan Lokpal Bill, proposed by the Civil Society. Because let’s face it, all the Political Parties in India are corrupt and so are majority of the civil servants and they will go to any extent possible to ensure that their interests do not get compromised. The only way they will be ready to compromise is, if they believe the movement is strong enough to actually bring about a revolution and thereby threaten their interests as well as their lives i.e. the same thing which happened at the time of Independence Struggle of India, where the aspiration and anger ran deep and wide and the Government could no longer impose its will on the people and neither assassinate/quiet Mahatma Gandhi, for the fear of an even stronger and deadlier backlash.

2. I believe that Civil Society is nothing but a Group of Individuals, who believe they are better than ordinary Citizens of India and hence have chosen to term themselves as the “Civil Society”. That to me is bigotry and as a matter of principle, I do not support or condone such acts, especially when it claims to be representing me, a Citizen of India. This is what majority of Congressmen and other Political Parties were, during the initial phase of Independence Struggle of India. Before Gandhi arrived back in India and decided to involve the common man in to the freedom struggle, rather than let it remain an issue for the Elites to decide and discuss, who were essentially trying to bring themselves to power, rather than to empower the really downtrodden and effected.

Maybe I am wrong in my thoughts and maybe I am right. Whatever it is, at least for the future of India, I really hope and wish, that we are heading in the right direction and all the hoopla is actually real and can really make an impact.


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