Aquaguard Total INFINITI Review

Around a year ago, we purchased Aquaguard Total INFINITI Water Purifier for our home and have been using it continuously ever since then and I guess a review of the same is overdue.

For starters, Aquaguard Total INFINITI is Eureka Forbes’ top of the line UV water purifier and costs Rs. 9,990 and comes with one year warranty, features and specifications of it are given towards the end of the review.

aquaguard-total-infiniti One of the first things we noticed after installing this water purifier was that the water tasted a little sweet! Not sure whether the sweetness disappeared over time or we have gotten used to it, but it doesn’t seems to be there anymore. Overall the water does seems purified (as far as I can tell from taste, sight and smell), however I have never gotten it tested in laboratory, so would refrain from commenting any further on this aspect.

Another thing we liked was the speed with which it dispenses water (as long as water pressure is good), which is around 2 times faster than our older water purifier and that really helps when you have to fill up bottles for storage in the morning.

However, whenever you start it to dispense water, it automatically plays a tune, which has to be manually switched off by pressing a button. Sadly there is no way to get around this and although it isn’t a major issue, but it is an annoyance nonetheless and it would really help if the company could introduce an option to permanently switch it off!

Another thing I didn’t like was the fact that company advertises a unique feature, “Micro Controller Scan (MCS)” which is supposed to alert the service center through phone line, if its electronic circuit needs attention. However, I could not find any place to plug in the phone line!

It did however alert us through beeps, that it needs to be serviced and hence I contacted the service center a couple of days ago and sure enough, a technician visited our house within 24 hours. Only to tell us that both the candles need to be replaced and even though unit was still under warranty for few more days, we would have to pay for the candles, which costs Rs. 1080 and is supposed to last for around a year!

They do however replace the cartridges free of cost in case you buy an AMC from them (that too only once a year) and it costs Rs. 1450 a year to get the AMC, which includes one service visit from the technician, after 6 months.

Funny thing is, during the warranty period which is set to lapse in a few days from now, their technician never came over to check or service the unit!

In the end, I had to get the AMC before the warranty period was over, since it made sense to pay a little more than the price of candles to ensure that in case of any breakdowns or problems later on, it will be serviced free of cost.

Overall I am satisfied from the performance of Aquaguard Total INFINITI Water Purifier, but I do feel that service from Eureka Forbes can be improved further and if there really is a feature which enables the unit to call up service center on its own, then the ways to plug it into phone line should be mentioned in the user manual or the company should stop advertising it!

Aquaguard Total INFINITI Features

  • Micro Controller Scan (MCS) system or the Mini Brain: This advanced system constantly monitors the purifier’s status. It scans and automatically detects when the electronic circuit needs attention. The purifier itself alerts the service center through your phone line. A technician is sent immediately to inspect the system, thus saving you both time and energy.
  • Active Silver+ Technology: Active Silver+ Technology uses Nano Silver to effectively control contamination, bacterial growth as well as reduce pesticides and lead from your drinking water.
  • Double Intell e-boiling+: Aquaguard Total INFINITI is powered with the advanced Intell e-boiling+ Technology ensuring that the water your family drinks is doubly safe and purified.
  • Patented Surround Purity System: This intelligent technology makes sure that your drinking water gets a complete surround dose of Intell e-boiling+ Ensuring that your family only drinks water that’s absolutely pure and safe.
  • Intelligence Quotient Alert (IQA) System: The IQA tells you in advance if the Clarity cartridge, the Active Silver cartridge or the unique Intell e-boiling+ chamber needs to be replaced.
  • Mineral Guard+: Electronic impulses are produced to prevent scaling of minerals like calcium, magnesium on the quartz tube, thereby ensuring that precious minerals and nutrients are retained in the water.
  • Intelligent Auto-Fill System: The system helps you get exactly the amount of water you require. Choose from free flow, bottle or customised settings, as per your requirement.
  • Intelligent Purity sensor system: This Purity Sensor System continuously scans water to give nothing except 100 % pure water.

Aquaguard Total INFINITI Specifications

Dimensions (W x D x H) mm: 310 x 247 x 450 mm
Net Weight: 5.88 kg
Purified Water Output: 2 liters/min (max.)
Power Rating: 18 Watts
Input Voltage: 230 V AC/50 Hz
Input Water Pressure: 0.4 – 2.0 kg/sq. cm
Input Water Temperature: 5 – 450 C
Input Water Turbidity: 15 NTU (max.)
Input Water Iron: 0.3 ppm (max.)
Input Water Chlorine: 2 ppm (max.)
Input Water TDS ideal up to: 500 ppm (max.)


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