Financial experts don’t know anything?

As you all probably know, I finally started saving and investing some of my hard earned money in to Mutual Funds and PPF.

Due to this, I have been somewhat following the markets and listening and reading what the so called “experts” have to say about the current and future market scenario and I have come to a simple conclusion.

Financial Experts don’t know much, if anything at all!

While there are a few sensible blokes out there (who at least sound sensible to a novice like me), majority of these so called experts seem to be having more mood swings than a pregnant lady and overtly focusing on extraneous factors, completely ignoring their own backyard!

Little wonder then, that our stock markets are behaving in the absurd manner as they are, falling even when the domestic news is good and then going up out of the blue, at times adhering to the global cues and at times, completely ignoring it!

Of course the day traders are having a ball and are still getting good returns, thanks to all this uncertainty. However, what should a novice investor like me do?

Do we follow the advice of these so called experts or feel dizzy and saddened by the whole monkeying around and go back to bed, praying that somehow, someway, things will improve?

Frankly speaking, I wish I knew what the right way was and what stand would be the most financially beneficial and stable, but at least for now, I am keeping my SIPs going and even putting a little extra money in, to average out some of my earlier bought MFs, ensuring enough liquidity at hand and at the same time, ensuring the habit of regular saving, does not gets eroded!


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