Wet Cat

It has been raining continuously for past few hours in Delhi, little wonder then that I spotted a wet cat trying to dry itself off, about half an hour ago, while sitting on the boundary wall of our house.

The cat in question is a fairly annoying one, because it has the habit of expressing itself a bit a too much with the help of its voice, each time someone or something comes in front it. Which I have to say, is fairly unusual for stray cats, but what the hell. In this case, it was simply sitting there and I decided to shoot it with my camera.


Of course it didn’t like being clicked and objected in its usual meowing tone.


Seeing no let up in my pursuit of photography, this little critter decided to scurry away, but not quietly, but in its usually audible manner :D.

Both the above photographs were shot with my Canon EOS 1000D DSLR and Canon EF-S 55-250IS Lens wide open at f5.6 in shutter priority.


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