Loving and hating Facebook

It doesn’t always happens that one ends up waking up in the morning, hating something and by evening, start loving it.

But this is sort of what has happened to me today; in the morning I woke up a little frustrated over the fact that Facebook wouldn’t allow me to post links which were of blog posts, even though I could post forum and website links without any issue.

Even though the issue is yet to be resolved, I did manage to find a work around to this problem by utilizing Tweetdeck, which allowed me to post links without any issue.

Add this to the new look which I kind of hate and the bad and long song ad on the idiot box these days, and I was almost on the verge of quitting Facebook and only using TweetDeck to post updates occasionally.

Then I spotted the new notification for birthday and events, what I loved the most about it was the fact that I could wish all of my friends happy birthday from that notification box itself!

facebook new notification for birthdays

While sadly it isn’t perfectly alright in the sense that the messages only get posted when you press enter and when you do that, the notification box goes away, it is still better than opening multiple pages together, especially when a lot of your friends have their birthday on the same day.

Just the sort of thing which was needed to make me come back to Facebook again, though I am still pissed at the fact that I have to use TweetDeck to post links, hopefully that issue would get resolved sooner than later. Till then, my love-hate relationship with Facebook would likely continue.


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