Pushkar 2011, preparations begin

Pushkar Camel Fair 2011 would begin in less than a month and preparations for my trip to Pushkar Camel Fair have begun.

This time around I would be traveling with three photography enthusiasts, who are not only quite creative, but also quite good at photography. This is bound to be interesting and fun at the same time, especially since it would be my first trip to Pushkar with my DSLR and I can’t wait to put my DSLR and all three lenses to good use.

It would also be the first trip, where I would be taking my Sony Xperia Mini ST15i mobile phone with me, and thus would be able to keep a GPS track log of the journey. I would also hopefully be able to do mobile blogging, so this blog should remain active throughout the course of my weekend trip, with latest updates (provided mobile networks work properly).

It would also be my first trip with friends in their car, rather than on my own motorcycle. However, I would be getting my motorcycle serviced and ready before the planned departure, as a contingency plan. Even though I do not foresee any reason that I would actually need to take her to Pushkar.

We have already narrow down the hotel we plan to stay at and are in the process of booking it.

On top of that, I have gone ahead and ordered another 8GB SanDisk Extreme SDHC memory card for my DSLR (boosting the total capacity to around 30GB) and a car charger for my power hungry Sony Xperia Mini ST15i :D.

A rough plan is also in the works, ensuring that we spend majority of our waking hours (very less planned sleep) photographing the Camel Fair and Pushkar. Though I am sure, once we arrive there, a lot would change and we might just go with the flow. However for now, I am trying to get as much information I can, so that we have multiple opportunity for photography.


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