Pushkar 2011 Preparations, hotel booking

After couple of days of indecision and calling up various hotels in Pushkar, we have finally gone ahead and booked accommodation for our first night at Pushkar.

Since Pushkar Camel Fair sees a lot of tourists, finding accommodation of choice become a little bit difficult and it is best to book in advance, especially like in our case, where one needs proper parking space for a car, which majority of the budget guest houses in Pushkar do not have!

Even though we would have liked to book accommodation for both the nights we are planning to spend in Pushkar, thanks to evasive attitude of a certain private hotel owner, we were forced to book the first night at RTDC Sarovar, fearing that the RTDC hotel might just run out of room and we be left in a lurch, with neither that private hotel confirming our reservation, nor there being any rooms left at the RTDC properties.

The reason we decided against booking the second night at RTDC Sarovar is due to the fact that the room rent for the same room would go up by 3.33 times on the next day, thanks to the Official Camel Fair pricing kicking in and that would really shoot up our intended budget.

In any case, with the first night’s accommodation booked, we can now head to Pushkar Camel Fair with ease, knowing that we would either find something else for the next day in the coming days, or after our arrival at Pushkar, with the worst case scenario being, that we would have to head back to Ajmer for the second night’s stay.


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