Indian F1 Race Day tickets go on sale

Race day tickets for India’s first ever Formula 1 race have finally gone on sale. Priced lower than the season tickets, Formula 1 Race Day tickets only allow entry on the race day i.e. on the 30th October and are thus priced considerably less than the season tickets, which had gone on sale earlier and provided fans with a chance to see Practice on 28th, Practice and Qualifying on 29th and Race on the 30th of October.

This is good news for all those busy souls, who can’t afford to take 3 days out of their busy schedule, but would love to see the race in person.

Race Day tickets are priced at Rs. 15,000 for the Main Grand Stand, Rs. 4,000 for Classic Stand East and Rs. 3,000 for Picnic Stand North.

There is no word yet, on whether or not 1 day discount on the price of Indian F1 Tickets, which is supposed to be active day after tomorrow would be applicable on the Race Day Tickets as well.


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